Things To Do

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Wild Rivers Coast. Our area offers several beaches to comb, trails to hike, and views to explore! While you're here don't miss out on:

Jet Boat Excursions  •  Salmon Fishing on the Rogue  •  Ocean Fishing  •  Clamming and Crabbing  •  Tidepooling  •  Hiking

Kayaking and Rafting  •  Biking  •  Berry Picking  •  Windsurfing  •  Golf  •  Indian Creek Fish Hatchery Tours  •  Horseback Riding  

 Myrtlewood Groves

Berry Picking

Although there always seem to be some berries around, the late summer and fall are the best times to come check out the blackberry picking.  The woods are alive with berries of all kinds, and of course, the wild berries make the very best pies and cobblers.  Here at Indian Creek RV Park, we are surrounded with wild berries that are yours for the taking.  (We wouldn't mind if you shared a little of the cobbler)...



When you come visit us at Indian Creek RV Park, pack those golf clubs.  The area sports some of the most beautiful golf courses and scenery you can imagine.  The lush fairways are nestled in huge beautiful forest settings.  

Salmon Fishing On The Rogue


scan0003revSalmon fishing on the wild Rogue River is an experience not to be missed.  When you stay at Indian Creek RV Park you are only a stone's throw from the Rogue River.  Ask our staff to direct you to an experienced guide service that will take you to the big ones.  When you're done with the day, come home and share your fishing stories with us (and hopefully a filet or two).



hikingWhen you come stay with us at Indian Creek RV Park, take advantage of the hundreds of miles of eye-popping hiking trails only minutes away. 

Whether you prefer hiking along the ocean or venturing into the less-known back country trails, you will take home priceless memories.  By the way, don't forget your camera.

Kayaking And Rafting


The Rogue River is the perfect place for some kicked-back kayaking, or if you are little more adventurous, some white water rafting.  It's all right out your back door when you come stay with us at Indian Creek RV Park.

Indian Creek Fish Hatchery Tour


Believe it or not, we actually have a fish hatchery right here on the property.  Each year we release tens of thousands of salmon back into the wild and it's quite a sight.  Our office is happy to arrange tours.  The history itself is worth the trip, and you get to feed the fish!  For more information see Curry Anadromous Fisherman.

Wind Surfing

windsurfFor those of you with a very high sense of adventure, there is always a little wind surfing available here on the southern Oregon Coast and it's just minutes from Indian Creek RV Park.  If you are not wild enough to try it yourself, just bring your camera and photograph the fun.  It's a great spectator experience too.

Jet Boat Excursions

jerrys rogue jets 003If you want some high adventure AND want to let somebody else do the driving, then a wild Jet Boat trip up the Rogue River will be right up your alley.  Jerry's Rogue Jets offers several trips a day and has different trips available for different tastes.  Be prepared for some white-water fun and a look at the native wildlife and untouched scenery along the Rogue River.  

Myrtle Wood Grove

myrtlewoodNot far from Indian Creek RV Park you can hike through the famous old growth Myrtle Wood Grove.  You'll feel like you have stepped back in time or, maybe, you'll feel like you are walking through Jurassic Park.  Make sure to bring your camera and enjoy your easy hike through the grove.  There are only a couple places on earth where these trees still exist.

Ocean Fishing

ship0472If you are interested in venturing out into the Pacific Ocean, you're in luck.  Gold Beach, Oregon has fine fishing charter services that will take you out onto the water in search of high-adventure and big fish.  Charters fish for halibut, ling cod, bottom fish and crab in season.  You and your crew will have a great time and you'll have some memories to last a lifetime. 

Fishing from the shore and jetties is an alternative for those who prefer to stay on land.  Catch a bunch from the beach and bring them back to Indian Creek RV Park for a seafood barbeque.  Be sure to rest up- tomorrow is always another adventure when you stay at Indian Creek RV Park.



With literally hundreds of miles of trails you've found a Mecca for back country biking.  Whether you want the laid-back easy trails or the challenge of steep rugged biking, it's all within minutes of Indian Creek RV Park.  Try the trails through the famous old growth forests, along the beach or along pristine rivers and streams.  Come and enjoy.

Tide Pooling

tidepool_webYou have some true beauty and amazement in store for you at low tide in the rocks and pools on the beaches in the Gold Beach Area.  You'll discover the diversity of life, vibrant colors and creatures you have only seen in the travel movies.  Make sure to bring your camera and a sense of adventure along with you.  We'll be happy to provide you with the tide information and best tide-pooling locations so you can really see what you came for.

Crabbing And Clamming

crabsIf you're into a little clamming or crabbing along the beach, you picked the right place.  The friendly locals and sportsmen will be happy to point you in the right direction and everything you need is available at the local sporting good outlets.  There's nothing like coming back to Indian Creek RV Park with a bucket of crabs or clams and cooking up a storm.  Be prepared for a lot of fun and a lot of food when you elect to go clamming or crabbing along the Southern Oregon Coast at Gold Beach.